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Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke

air purifier for wildfire smoke

Does an Air Purifier help reduce the wildfire smoke in the air in your home?

This is the question that has been asked many times and I wanted to clear the air from a science perspective. 

According to the University of California San Francisco , the particle size of wildfire smoke is 2.5 microns in size. The Defender Air Purifier filters down to 0.1 microns.  It is clear to see that the Defender has the right name, it defends the air you breathe from wild fire smoke particles.

air purifier particle chart

The dangers of wildfire smoke particles

The particles "which can be inhaled deep into the lungs, said John Balmes, MD, professor of medicine. There, these tiny toxins can injure the lining of the lungs, in a process known as oxidative stress, and cause airway inflammation."

The solution

The FilterQueen Defender removes 99.99% particles down to 0.1 micron in size.  Take a look at the picture above, you can see in the green writing that the Defender is removing much more than just wildfire smoke.  

Why choose the FilterQueen Defender?

The Defender Air Purifier is built to remove wildfire smoke along with a ton of other particles that are floating in the air in your home. Oh, did I mention that FilterQueen has been building quality appliances in the USA since 1928 (that's over 90 years)!  And the Defender air purifier is backed by a lifetime perpetual warranty.

 If you need immediate relief from wildfire smoke or want to be prepared for the next wildfire season check out the FilterQueen Defender.  



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